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Welcome to PCBAcart
We do professional Electronic Design, PCB Manufacture, PCB Assembly, Components Sourcing, Box Build and PCBA copy services since 2013. Based in Shenzhen China, we always could provide you the best services with affordable prices.
For Electronic Design, let us know your idea and sketch design, we can check how to make it.
For PCB Manufacture, we available for standard FR4 PCB, Flex PCB, Flex-Rigid PCB, Aluminum PCB, Copper core PCB and Rogers PCB, etc. from prototype to big production.
For PCB Assembly, we own 8 SMT lines and 2 THT lines, 10-zone reflow oven, wave-soldering oven, AOI, X-Ray, conformal coating machine, stencil laser cutter, etc. Professional for prototype, small & medium assembly jobs. And parts no limit, available for 01005, 0201, 0.3mm BGA, QFN and QFP parts. PCB types could be rigid PCB, flex PCB or rigid-flex PCB.
For Components Sourcing, all components are new & original from our standard supply chain like Digikey, Mouser, Future, Arrow and other verified suppliers. And common passive parts like resistors, capacitors, inductors, connectors, etc. may use alternative parts, if required all follow your BOM files, please specify it in your email or in your BOM files.
For Box Build(Finished Product Assembly), we could also do the hardware cases from your design and then put the PCBA boards inside the cases perfectly as required.
For PCBA copy, we can get Gerber data and BOM file and schematic drawing from PCBA boards.
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